Battle Bingo

Play Battle Bingo

At the start of the game, players have one Pokémon for which the bingo card is named that has two EP or Entry Points. Players also have two empty Master Balls and a fourth slot with no ball or Pokémon in it.

The player can choose any panel out of the sixteen to begin at. From that panel and any other cleared panels the player has in the game, only movement to adjacent panels is allowed. When the panel is gray with a question mark on it, there is an item underneath. When it is colored and has a type name written on it, there is a Pokémon of that type and possibly a second type underneath and by moving to that panel, will have to battle it.By clearing lines of four, the player will move up levels on the payout for Poké Coupons. The Bingo card is cleared when all ten lines are completed.Much fun! Join now and have fun!


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